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bubble face cleansing pad
Cleanising, Refining, Tightening  – 
by just one washpad

The Takabath Bubble Face Cleansing Pad not only cleans the surface of the skin, but penetrates deep into the dermis layer.

At the same time, the pad has a moisturizing and pore-refining effect. The two-sided care and cleaning system effectively cleans your face of make-up residues and dirt particles.


The cleansing pad with water-soluble AHA and valuable herbal ingredients effectively removes dander and dead skin cells. This is suitable for all skin types. Even by sensitive skins, you can use the cleansing pad without any irritations.  

PH - neutral

The pad helps the facial skin to rebuild the balance between moisture and the skin's own lipid. 

Soft foam 

Rich and mild soap bubbles clean the skin and provides long-lasting moisture. 

Zweiseitiges Cleansing Pad

Deep Cleaning with microfiber side

Mild massage with soft embossed side

The pad contains "GIGA WHITE" and AHA (Alpha hydroxy Acid), which have the fallowing effects:


improvement in skin tone

Reduction of age spots

Moisturizing skin care with natural ingredients

Relief of skin irritation and skin damage

Control skin balance

Peeling of the skin surface




  1. Massieren Sie Ihr Gesicht zunächst mit der schäumenden Pflegeseite (weiß) in kreisenden Bewegungen von innen nach außen der Hautstruktur entlang, um Make-Up Reste und Schmutz zu entfernen.

  2. Wiederholen Sie Schritt 1 nun mit der klärenden Reinigungsseite (rosa), um übrige tote Hautzellen abzulösen. Insbesondere die peelingbedürftige Regionen neben den Nasenhöhlen und am Kinn.

  3. Waschen Sie Ihr Gesicht gründlich mit lautwarmem Wasser ab.

We recommend this to peple who...

1. ... Want to remove makeup and dirt particles right down to the pores

2. ... have sensitive skin and need a gentle and irritant cleansing

3. ... wish for a radiantly beautiful skin

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