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bubble body washpad
Cleanising, Refining, Tightening  – 
by just one washpad

The new generation of body care! The unique cloth for cleansing and care for an enzymatic shower experience. 

The two-sided Takabath Bubble Body Washpad not only cleanses the body at deep pore and leaves a velvety-soft skin feeling but also gives an intensive boost in moisture. The skin texture is noticeably refined, brightly smoothed and unbelievably soft at the same time.

The fabric of the Takabath Washpad is comprehensively soaked with fermented OTHAKA enzymes. It consists of a foaming care side (white) and a clarifying cleansing side (pink).


The care side foams on contact with the moist skin and prepares it optimally for cleaning. The natural OTHAKA enzymes already release dead skin cells by their influence and activate cell renewal. At the same time, the skin is supplied with moisture.



The skin is cleansed to the pores. Even the callus is effectively removed. At the same time, the blood circulation is stimulated. The innovative texture works here without mechanical peeling particles.



1. Pull the washpad over your hand and use the side slits for the thumb and little finger. You do not need to damp the washpad with water, the moistened body is sufficient for foam formation. 



2. Firstly, use the foaming care side. Massage the moistened body in a circular motion. Work from the neck down to the feet. Leave the care foam act upon your skin for 3-5 minutes. After that, you may use the clarifying cleansing side to remove dead skin cells even more effectively.

3. Rinse your body thoroughly with water until no more soap remains. 

 Extracts from types of vegetables, fruits, grains, mushrooms and underwater plants make up the valuable
OHTAKA enzymes. Consisting of 100% of squalene oils and alpine herbs like the arnica medicinal plant, Milfoil, absinthe wormwood and gentian, these ingredients of the enzyme especially help to improve the quality of your skin. Giga White is obtained by 7 herbs from Valais in Switzerland (Mallow, Peppermint, Primrose, Milfoil, Veronica, Lemon Balm, Lady's Mantle) and ensures an even appearance. Age spots are reduced, thus providing an anti-aging effect. 
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