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The OTHAKA enzymes are created by the fermentation technique of the OTHAKA - Institute in Japan.
It is a patented method that has been researched at the OHTAKA Institute for more than 100 years.    

Phase 1 – Extraction

52 natural plant substances are extracted in special cedar containers for 7 days.
In this process, an artificial room is created in which the four seasons circulate daily.
The result is an untreated solution with life cultures.   


Fermented microorganisms with their special formula achieve an impact that is up to tenfold more effective as they get through to the lower dermis layer: 

The skin metabolism is stimulated, whereby the skin is visibly smoothed and tightened. Skin blemishes are removed and an anti-aging and detox effect is achieved. Ideal for sensitive skin with atopic dermatitis. 


Phase 2 - Reifung

Afterwards, these life cultures are brought in a maturation room for three years. At constant 37 degrees Celsius they ferment to the OTHAKA-enzymes. The OTHAKA tradition is maintained by creating an optimal environment accompanied by classical music. 

The new ingredients “Zyen“ and “Zyen-r“ (gamma) are created which contribute to an improved skin appearance and strengthens the natural skin barrier. 


The history of the OTHAKA enzyme 

1926            OTHAKA ENZYME 

                    discovery and formulation of enzymes from undiluted plant extracts 


1935           “OTHAKA Enzyme Science Research Society“ is consitituted 


1955            Foundation of the “OTHAKA Enzyme Science Research Institute“ 


1959            US American patent for enzymatic products 


1960            Patent on manufacturing method of undiluted enzyme solutions containing 

                    multiple Japanese-patented plant enzymes 


1961            Opening of spa bath ion house in Sapporo 


1962            Company quarters in Otaru, Hokkaido 


1970             Japan's National Alumni Association's Academic Award 


1971             Japan Institute Invention and Innovation Chairman's Award 


1984             Scientific Technology Minister's Award 

                     Japan National Alumni Association's Academic Award 


2001             Artificial additive-free Kosmetiklinie Hela Luno Pure is launched 

                     today Cooperation with Amore Pacific, Kanebo Cosmetics, Re:NK (OHTAKA Enzyme) 

                     among others 

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